Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Library Learning 2.0: Week 3, Tasks 5-7: A picture is worth...

A picture is worth a thousand words... so maybe this should be a thousand word post (?!?) as I am writing about pictures that you can not [yet] see.

Fortunately, I am a dedicated and self-motivated learner and I am posting this on my vacation from the other side of the country. This has been a learning experience in itself since I am: a) working on a Mac for the first time, b) working without my own saved files or bookmarks and c) vying for computer time with my cousin's three teenagers. Unfortunately, because of clause b), I can not post my many wonderful library photos at this time. Fortunately, I took this opportunity to set up my Flickr account, granted access to Flickr to upload to my blog, and created and saved a post template. Watch out online world, here I come (and thanks Remy Charlip...) !

In my explorations of Flickr, I discovered a group titled "Classroom Displays" that includes photos of classroom and library displays. This could be a place for us to share some of our good ideas. Or, hey kids, let's put on a show! We could set up a Library Learning 2.0 group and link it to the CSLA site! What do you think??

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Library Learning 2.0: Week 2, Task 3: Mini-Me

Look at me - I'm an avatar! Creating a virtual image was a lot of fun. The export process was a lot of frustration. I copied the html code and then couldn't get it to paste. This turned out to be (as usual) a case of 'operator error'. I had selected the code for my avatar but not copied it. Of course I had closed each window as I went along (tidy me) so that I had to re-open each one, re-enter my password, search for where I had been and what I had saved and then repeat the process correctly. We all learn from our mistakes, right? (I think that may be in my notes on lifelong learning...yep, Habit #3: view problems as opportunities to learn!)

Library Learning 2.0: Week 2, Task 3: Lifelong Learners

Libraries and lifelong learning go hand in hand - each brings you to the other. Those of us who love and live in libraries are both learners and facilitators of learning. The more we learn, the better we can facilitate the learning of those who use our libraries. My goal for Library Learning 2.0 is to expand my knowledge of new technology available to libraries and select those tools that will work best for my library and its users. I will learn new skills; my school community will receive expanded services; we will all learn together.

I am a natural lifelong learner: I am curious, self-motivated, organized, persistent, patient and resourceful. The first seven habits of highly effective learners should be the proverbial piece of cake. My greatest challenge is the last 1/2 habit: to play! Along with being a lifelong learner, I have also been a lifelong 'straight man' (or, in my case, woman). My greatest challenge will be reminding myself to play and finding ways for others to play with what I have learned.