Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 8, Task 18: Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Nothing like visiting new places and trying new things! So this is Zoho...
I love the idea of being able to write and save documents online. Seems like I spend a lot of time e-mailing projects back and forth between work and home. I work on it one place and send it to another and if I forget to e-mail after each saved version, I don't necessarily have what
I want where and when I want it next. Whew! This could be a real lifesaver. I'm also thinking that Zoho could be a good way to share projects with the other library managers in our district. If someone is interested in what I have done, it would be so easy to e-mail them a link. Then they could modify an existing document to suit their needs rather than starting all over again. This could also work well as a way to send existing documents to a website or blog - I just have to learn the import and export process. If I didn't sleep all summer long, maybe I could master everything on this Library Learning 2.0 list...

Well, Ta for now!

Love, the Book Case

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