Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 9, Task 21: Pod Person

I will never be a pod person! I am so strongly visual - the disembodied voice just does not work well for me. Certainly it has its places: I listen to books on the long drive between the Bay Area and LA, and I enjoy music while I am slaving around the house. But in general, this is not the format in which I choose to receive information. My husband, on the other hand, is visually impaired, and the explosion of downloadable audio resources has been a real boon for him. (In fact, we have CALIB to thank for his introduction to, several years ago. We were among the first and incredibly grateful users.) For today's assignment I listened to two NPR programs: "Story of the Day" and "Wait wait...don't tell me!". I had also picked out two Harry Potter podcasts but was not able to connect on either one (heavy traffic?). I chose not to subscribe to any podcasts, because I would just rather READ!!! But rest assured that they will be on my list of recommended resources for all of those audio learners.

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