Monday, July 16, 2007

Library Learning 2.0: Week 4, Tasks 8 & 9: Simple (?) Life

My RSS experience has been far from 'simple'. As might be expected, I did well with the research, although I beg to differ with the "Really Simple Syndication" nomenclature (probably Rich Site Summary came first anyway). I went to bloglines to set up my feed four days ago. In order to register, they need to send an e-mail to your address for verification. When I hadn't received the e-mail after four hours, I tried again. When I hadn't received either e-mail after 24 hours I sent a note to the help desk. I then received an e-mail with a problem tracking number. And here I am, four days later, still waiting. In order to verify that the problem was with their end (rather than user ignorance or error), I asked my husband to try to register from his e-mail account. Now we are both waiting.

Never one to waste time, I also checked out Technorati and registered there. No problemo. Live and learn, I say...

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rob said...

Try using Google Reader as an alternative to Bloglines.