Friday, July 20, 2007

Library Learning 2.0: Week 5, Task 12: Rolling With Rollyo

I am rolling with Rollyo! I began my exploration by looking at some of the searches that were already available. The public domain ebooks ( were of particular interest to me both for use at school and for my husband who is visually impaired (in fact, I sent him the link and my guess is that he will be 'on the case' by this evening). I was also impressed by San Jose's reference database ( This would be a wonderful tool to use at school and to publicize for family use at home. I considered customizing this for my Task 12 project but I felt a little guilty about modifiying someone else's work, rather than creating my own. So, I decided to find a need and fill it.

What do people ask me about at school? One of the questions I hear most often is: what books do you recommend? Of course I have many favorites, and knowing what is in my collection as well as who the reader will be allows me to give very specific answers. But what about the kids (and their parents) who don't ask? Or can't be at school to ask? Or are embarassed to look ignorant? How about a search site for children's book reviews and recommendations? I now proudly present:, my search site in progress. Feel free to visit, test drive, offer suggestions or build upon as you see fit. I deliberately chose not to include sites that are by subscription (like School Library Journal or Book List), as I want this site to feel user-friendly and inclusive.

So, roll on, you avid readers...

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madcardinalreader said...

I like the search engine. I am a high school librarian looking for good sources for those "adult for high school" books. Reading adult reviews doesn't always leave me clear about the appropriateness or appeal for teenagers. Some of your sources will help. thanks.