Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Week 6, Task 13: Book'em, Dano!

I enjoyed today's taste test of what a great use of existing technology to improve on a feature we don't ordinarily give much thought to. I could have used online bookmarks earlier this summer when I was working on this class from another computer in another location and did not have access to any of the bookmarks on my home computer. It just seems so obvious that you have to wonder why no one thought of it sooner...

In typical internet fashion, the otter group tutorial was "temporarily unavailable or does not exist". ( Here today, gone tomorrow... not the first time any of us have encountered this glitch, I'm sure.) I used some of the other links to get started, specifically the site "about" features and "Us.ef.ul: A beginner's guide to". The key points of access from anywhere, shared resources and learning from others make this a real winner. It could work well for students doing a group research project, for professionals collaborating on a lesson plan or just for me personally as a means of organizing and sorting information flexibly.

And how about 'tagging' - not just for punks! There's a whole new image for library professionals: "Tag it! Ask a librarian!" This is an easy step from the keywords we know and love into the new realm of online information management.

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bibliotecaria said...

The video is back up and running on It's worth watching.